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About the Centre

The Centre for Creativity Research was established on November 1, 2020 as part of the Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Polish Studies.

The Centre focuses on the phenomenon of the creative process. Its field of research is wide and heterogenous, and includes:

  • different arts: literature, theatre, film, music, sculpture, painting, etc.,
  • different historical periods:  from Middle Ages to the 21st century,
  • different methodologies and research directions genetic criticism, anthropology of creation, philosophy / psychology / sociology of creation, cognitive science etc.

The Centre closely collaborates with the Institute of Literary Studies, University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland), represented by Prof. Adam Dziadek (Dean of the Faculty of Humanities)

The Centre’s forms of activity include:

  • organizing lectures, talks, seminars, and conferences,
  • carrying out research projects,
  • publishing research monographs (in collaboration with the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland)

There are two parallel tracks on which the Centre works:

  • Polish track: events and projects addressed to Polish-language scholars, whose research interest is focused on Polish culture,
  • international track: English-language events and projects, not limited to the circle of Polish themes, addressed to all scholars interested in the phenomenon of creativity who want to discuss their ideas, concepts and case studies.